The National Institute for Health Research Blood and Transplant Research Unit (NIHR BTRU) in Donor Health and Genomics at the University of Cambridge is a cross-disciplinary unit established to address major questions about the health of blood donors and produce evidence-based strategies to enhance donor safety and ensure sustainability of blood supply. The Unit is funded by the NIHR and is a partnership between the University of Cambridge and NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), in collaboration with the University of Oxford and the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

The goals of this new Unit are to combine cutting-edge tools from genomics, biology and population health science to address key questions about the aetiology of important disorders (such as the health consequences of iron deficiency), to improve the safety and precision of blood donation, and to build and use major genomic resources that enable the study of important chronic diseases of wider relevance.

INTERVAL Study Spring 2018 Newsletter

To find out more about the research plans of this Unit, visit the Research section of the website. We must also acknowledge the generous on-going support of the British Heart FoundationMedical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust which underpins this new Unit.

Read NHSBT’s Blood 2020 strategy and Strategic Plan 2017-2022.