Cross-Cutting Work Themes

The unit consists of three inter-linked Research Themes and two cross-cutting Work Themes. We have allocated roles to investigators in this partnership in a manner that parallels our internationally recognised expertise. Professor Di Angelantonio serves as the BTRU Director and leads Theme 2. Investigators at the University of Cambridge will provide leadership for Research Theme 2 and Theme 3 and the Capacity Building work theme. Investigators at the Wellcome Sanger Institute will provide leadership for Research Theme 1. Investigators at the University of Oxford will lead the Service Translation work theme and provide cross-cutting haematology input. NHSBT staff will provide cross-cutting blood service input.


Our Work Theme on Capacity Building (lead: Dr Butterworth) will capitalise on our existing post-graduate courses and teaching infrastructure, and on our major new institutional commitment.

Our Work Theme on Service Translation (lead: Professor Roberts) will maximise the relevance of our research and translate findings into benefits for donors and NHSBT through sustained and systematic stakeholder engagement.

Research Themes

Theme 1: Determinants of donation-related biomarkers (Lead: Professor Soranzo)

Theme 2: Aetiology of donation-related health outcomes (Lead: Professor Di Angelantonio)

Theme 3: Stratified approaches to blood donation (Lead: Dr Wood)

Studies within the BTRU

INTERVAL: a study to find the optimum interval for which it is safe for different donors to give blood

COMPARE: a study to determine the best method for measuring iron levels in blood donors

Cambridge NIHR BioResource

The Cambridge NIHR BioResource is a panel of around 17,000 volunteers, both with and without health conditions, who are willing to be approached to participate in research studies investigating the links between genes, the environment, health and disease. If you would like to join their panel of volunteers, please email: